• Colin Okashimo

Philosophy Statement

The intended experience of Piang Dao is quite simply to relax and enjoy what life has to offer in a way that exemplifies a quiet simple existence. It is a place to come for an hour, a day, a week, a month, whatever depending on what one wants to experience and learn.

The Museum of Contemplation (MOC) and Research Studios for Art and Design

  1. To create a series of ‘only one of its kind’ places that induce one to slow down, pause…allowing ample time for a meaningful and memorable experience.

  2. Researching the place by utilizing both factual research and naturalistic enquiry, drawing upon the cultural, historical, environmental and social aspects of Chiang Dao and inspiring the architecture, landscape and sculpture.

  3. Integrating the architecture, landscape and sculpture as one by synthesizing, amalgamating, and fusing thereby developing the architecture and landscape to strengthen the message of the sculpture and emerging the sculpture to inform the architecture and landscape.

  4. Publishing to create awareness by evolving the research into ‘a unique and credible story’ and involving academics and authorities in their respective fields resulting in an objective and engaging publication of Piang Dao.

  5. We will pledge to do what’s right, seeking out only win-win solutions that balance short term gains against long term interests thereby protecting the environment and integrating the community.

  6. We will enjoy the process, nurturing a creative culture with a genuine love for fun, learning through doing and valuing a methodology of collaborating with all the people involved.

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